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Who are we?

Moneyloji is a most trusted digital lending platform providing fastest loans to the common man to unlock their financial freedom. Because we perceive the impact of the timely money for you. We offer quick, customized loan products can be used for many purposes i.e. unexpected expenses, purchase a new motorbike or car, purchase consumer products such as the smartphone, laptop, home appliances and more.
The platform is powered by Ganesh Leasfin Private Limited, an NBFC (Non-banking finance company) registered with RBI and engaged in financial services since 1995.

Why I borrow loan from Money Loji?

There are many good things you can consider while taking a loan from us are given below:-

  • We offer loans for almost any purpose. Because we understand that single product cannot help anybody.
  • Fast approvals for all type of loan products. Because we know the value of time.
  • Our interest rates are competitive & we clearly specify and communicate fees and charges.
  • Moneyloji is a digital lender, you can apply for a loan from home via a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • We are a trusted non-banking finance company regulated by RBI.
  • We are registered partner with the most popular credit rating agencies in India. If you repay your loan on time, it will boost your credit score.
  • And the best thing is brilliant customer support. We don’t do auto-replies, instead, we have a dedicated team which is ready to help you when you need it.
  • We are 24X7 open to serve the loan requirements of our customers.

What we do for you ?

After exploring the market scenario, fathoming the financial needs of everyone out there, from a self-employed to a salaried individual, from limited and private limited companies to partnership firms, we, Money Loji, a team of credible professionals, have transpired to provide easily accessible financial solutions. Our products have undergone several layers of refinement because we aim at catering you with credits which suit your purpose the best and that finance never hinders your growth. Read More…

So Simple

Few Easy steps to disbursal

Fill the application form

Fill all details we required such as loan details, personal details, contact details etc.

Upload KYC

Login you account & submit the required documents for accreditation.

Wait for the approvals

wait maximum 30 minutes for the approvals.

Get credited

Once the documents and your details will verify. we will activate the disbursal

General FAQs

What products does provide? provides customized loans products according to the customer needs. Our top priority products are salary advance loan & mini cash loan, which are intended to solve urgent cash needs.

Am I eligible if I live in a rented accommodation?

Yes. To apply for a loan from, you just need to provide your current address, 3-month salary slips, bank details and other required details. We will be happy to consider your loan application.

Do I need to be salaried professional for all your loan products?

No, Only “Salary Advance Loan” mandates that. All other loan products do not mandate it.

How quickly will I get my loan in my bank account?

As you fill the information we process your application on a real-time basis and inform you about your loan eligibility within few minutes. On your confirmation, we prepare all required documents. Our representative will visit your place to get those signed and within an hour you get the loan amount in your account.

How long does the entire loan process take?

The entire loan process, from submitting the application form to disburse the funds will take hardly 24 hours. Our loan team works consistently to complete the loan process in the shortest possible time.

For which purpose can I apply for a loan from

Really! Do you want to share? We are not interested.

We at do not ask for purpose of the loan. But we suggest you to Lake Loan only when needed. You may need it for shopping, vacations, to pay off your credit card bills, unavoidable financial emergencies or you just feel like you need it.

Should I pay my credit card bills using a loan from

Yes, we suggest you should. Default in payment of Credit Card bills not only attracts heavy penalties and interest but also effects your Credit Score Negatively, which is a bigger thing to worry about. We charge a lower rate of interest and you can also get 30 more days to settle your liability.

Do I have to provide my bank statements to you?

Yes, you can manually upload your three months of bank statements after login in your account on our portal. There is a separate option for upload bank statement. Because it is important to verify your income and expenses.
Note: – You have to upload bank statement of that account in which your income get credited.

When can I apply for a loan again with Money Loji?

Why not? We are here to build a long relationship with our customer by becoming their foremost choice for their financial needs. You can apply for the loan any time after you pay off your all dues with

What If, I couldn’t make a loan payment on the due date?

You don’t worry about that. Our CRM team will keep you reminded of your dues in advance. Even if you miss the payment we just charge 2% flat on outstanding amount and you get 7 more days to pay off your dues.

Can I pay my dues with by taking another loan from

No, you can’t. You only become eligible for another loan from when you pay all your existing dues with

Does provide loans with zero paperwork?

No, you can’t borrow loan from any NBFC in India without any paperwork as they are restricted to do so by the RBI. But we at have designed an advanced application form for our customers. By using it, you can submit all required details such as job details, KYC details, and bank details online via smartphone, sitting at home. Our representative will visit you at your convenience and get the required documents signed. You wouldn’t need to visit anywhere to get your loan approved from